About the show:
This November and December, Guelph musicians Tannis Slimmon and Katherine Wheatley will be joined by their new bandmate Angie Nussey from Orillia to perform their show "Song's For The Snowy Season".  The show celebrates the coming of winter and the spirit of the holiday season. These three Canadian songstresses have dug up old songs and written new ones about the snowy season. Their lyrics conjure up vivid sights and sounds that every Canadian would fondly recognize: pine branches bending low, squirrels’ footprints in the snow, winter’s hush, the icy breath that accompanies shovelling, the sound of slap shots off the boards, the angel truck drivers who lead us home in blizzards. Boreal's rapport, with each other and with the audience, is warm, friendly, and genuine. Their love of  melodies and harmonies, their combined songwriting skills, their tour de force voices, and the joy they feel singing with each other all make for an unforgettable event. It is the perfect antidote to a cold winter’s night. Join the others who make it a tradition to come every year to welcome winter at one of Boreal's Shows.

About the band: 
It started in 2006 in Jude Vadala's kitchen. Katherine Wheatley, Tannis Slimmon and Jude Vadala, all with music careers of their own, decided to join forces to do a show of winter songs. After many pots of tea and hours of meticulously working out harmonies and arrangements of winter-themed original songs and holiday classics, Boreal did its first show.  That was thirteen years ago.  Each November and December since then, they've toured their snowy-season project through community halls and concert series across Ontario. 

This year however,  Jude Vadala is stepping away from the stage. Her humour and heart-wrenching vocals will be deeply missed, but Boreal is excited that Jude will continue composing and arranging for the trio. 

And Boreal is excited to welcome their new bandmate, Angie Nussey.  It was the icy waters of Antarctica and a splash of serendipity that brought Angie to Boreal. Around the time that Boreal was looking for a new bandmate, Katherine happened to post a photo of herself taking a plunge into the Antarctic Ocean. Angie, who Katherine hadn't heard from for about 10 years, had seen the post and sent a note back congratulating Katherine on her polar plunge. When Katherine saw Angie's email, she was reminded that Angie grew up in northern Ontario and probably had lots of songs inspired by the snow. It was hard to imagine finding someone who had all the skills that Jude possessed. Katherine called up Tannis and said "I found her, Tannis! She's a great piano player, beautiful singer. Writes incredibly moving songs. And she's funny!" Angie was very keen. They threw a show together at the Tranzac in Toronto to test out the vocal blend. It worked. They can't wait to hit the road together!


TANNIS SLIMMON grew up in a musical family on a farm in Manitoba and moved to Guelph, Ontario in 1980 where she soon became known on the Canadian music scene as a member of the critically acclaimed Bird Sisters. Her exceptional voice “full of gentle grace and unobtrusive dignity” (Penguin Eggs) can be heard on over 100 albums including those by Willie P. Bennett, Valdy, David Francey and rheostatics. In 2008 she was honoured with the Contemporary Vocalist of the Year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards for “Lucky Blue”, her second album which is a rich offering of songs and artwork influenced by travels to Mali, West Africa and Cuba. The lead off track “Ernest, Charlie and Allen” garnered an Independent Music Award for Best Folk/Roots Song.

"A breathtaking vocalist with a bright, angelic disposition, Slimmon is a favourite folk attraction whose harmonies are as warm as her smile.” – Exclaim

 ANGIE NUSSEY is an award-winning Canadian recording artist and producer from Orillia, Ontario. Since 1999, she has released six, full-length albums and won over 15 industry awards for songwriting, vocals, and performance. She is probably best known for her emotional, philosophical and at times autobiographical ballads, but she doesn’t miss an opportunity to poke fun at everyday situations, the human condition, not to mention herself. Angie is downright funny and a moving, beautiful musician.

"“Her command of the stage and her rapport with her audience was nothing short of masterful. Nussey's songs are both powerful and entertaining and I for one would go to a festival just to see her." – Heather Bishop, CM, OM, LLD(Hon)

KATHERINE WHEATLEY performs as a solo artist as well as with the Toronto supergroup Betty and the Bobs and in Wendell and Wheat, a duo with Canadian Country Music Hall of Famer, Wendell Ferguson. Her song “Hallelujah” won a 2009 Golden Quill award and has become a standard in sing-along circles. Her 2010 solo show in Charlottetown was selected "Performance of the Year.” Two of her songs were selected for the new Rise Again Songbook (30th anniversary publication of Rise Up Singing). She has performed on CBC Radio’s Vinyl Café and CTV’s Canada AM. Through her program Youthsongs, she has written over 200 songs with kids and produced over 25 school CDs. Katherine is a singer and zodiac driver for GAdventures in Antarctica and the Arctic.

"Wheatley, sporting a beautiful voice and heady guitar work, brought the house down with her stunningly intimate musical meanderings. Her voice and guitar work drew the crowd in from the moment she started to sing. Her witty repartee gave these songs a footing from whence to fly. And fly she did!" —THE EXAMINER, Peterborough, ON

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About the album: 
Winter’s Welcome, their debut CD, captures the magic of the live show. Produced by Lewis Melville, it is the ideal accompaniment to a glowing fire and a mug of hot chocolate and it is a must-listen to get you in the mood for the Christmas season. Tannis, Jude and Katherine play all the instruments – guitars, mandolin, banjo, bass, keyboards, percussion – bringing variety, atmosphere and originality to the music and just the right amount of space to showcase the soaring vocals of three of Canada’s finest harmony singers.

“Some of the finest (harmonies) I’ve heard anywhere...” Doug Gallant, The Guardian, Charlottetown