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Guelph musicians Tannis Slimmon and Katherine Wheatley will be joined by their new bandmate, Angie Nussey from Orillia to perform their show "Song's For The Snowy Season".  With glorious voices, stunning harmonies, humourous stories and top notch song writing, Boreal celebrates the coming of winter and the spirit of the holiday season. Join the others who make it a tradition to come every year to welcome winter at one of Boreal's Shows. 



Jude Vadala, a member of the trio since 2006, has stepped away from the stage to spend more time in her important role as uber grandmother. Tannis, Katherine and Jude are so grateful to have shared laughs, music and the stage with each other since Boreal began in 2006 around Jude's kitchen table. Jude's humour and heart-wrenching vocals will be deeply missed.

Boreal begins their 2019 season on November 29 in Innisfil with their new band mate, Angie Nussey. Angie is a beautiful singer and great pianist who writes both incredibly moving and downright funny songs. She hails from Lively, Ontario (near Sudbury) and has plenty of, you guessed it, snowy songs.

And (blush), here's what Angie says about joining Boreal:
“Prior to our serendipitous convergence, I’d watched and admired Tannis and Katherine’s solo careers for many years. They are magnificent artists and people.  I've been discovering Jude's musical brilliance through her songs and arrangements. To have the opportunity to be part of Boreal is like a dream come true."

Boreal has ten shows booked for the 2019 season and are now looking ahead to the 2020 season, so if you are a concert venue or a folk club or a winery or a Legion or a town hall or a hockey arena and you'd like some fun and beautiful music in the early winter 2020, please do get in touch.

"Boreal throws a cozy blanket around their audience with beautiful harmonies  and heart-warming songs.” – Folkway Music

Be sure to check out Boreal's CD "Winter's Welcome". With three angelic voices, glorious harmonies, and a collection of homespun winter-themed songs and holiday classics, Boreal's debut CD is the perfect antidote to a cold winter’s night.  And it makes a perfect gift!! Albums can be purchased all year round here!

Album and concert reviews are on the 'press' page.

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